Upgrading Your Truck to Prevent Tow-Related Mechanical Damage

Having access to a truck makes it easier to tow heavy loads from one place to the next. Unfortunately, some trucks are not equipped to withstand repeated towing when they are released from the manufacturer. These trucks could sustain serious damage over time if they are not upgraded with the parts needed to improve their towing capacity. Here are three upgrades you can make to your truck to prevent the need for tow-related repairs in the future.

1. Upgrade your truck's fuel injection pump.

When a truck is called upon to haul a heavy load, it uses up more gasoline than it would if it were not towing. Since many of the mechanical components within your truck rely on fuel for proper lubrication, it's essential that your truck has the ability to meet the increased fuel demands associated with towing.

Upgrading the fuel injection pump on your truck to allow for increased fuel flow can help you avoid engine damage when using your truck to tow heavy loads in the future.

2. Upgrade your truck's airflow system.

As your truck's engine works to generate the additional power and torque needed to haul heavy loads, more heat can be created within the engine bay. If the engine in your truck runs too hot, the delicate mechanical components could warp, leaving your truck inoperable. Upgrading the airflow system within your truck can be a simple and effective way to prevent overheating within your engine bay.

You should replace the factory airbox and filter with a high-flow cold air intake, and you should also consider adding an intercooler and exhaust manifold that will be able to accommodate the increased airflow your truck needs to stay cool while towing.

3. Upgrade your truck's transmission pan.

Heat can be extremely detrimental to the performance of your truck's transmission and driveline. Your factory transmission pan may not be equipped to handle the amount of heat generated by a truck towing a fully-loaded trailer.

By upgrading to a transmission pan with fins and sinks that increase the overall surface area of the pan, you ensure that the transmission pan servicing your truck has the ability to transfer internal heat from the transmission and axle differentials into the outside world. Upgrading the transmission pan in your truck will help you avoid serious damage to your transmission and driveline while towing.

Investing in some simple upgrades for your truck could not only improve its towing performance, but it could help you avoid serious damage to your truck's mechanical systems as well. For more information, contact a business such as Spring Suspension & Alignment Services.