Guaranteeing Your New Car Purchase And Avoiding Disappointment

If your credit is not the greatest, but you need a new car, there are lots of car dealerships that guarantee you a new vehicle regardless of credit history. However, if you have already tried some of these in-house financing options and fallen flat on your face, you need a different approach. Needing a new car is one thing, but actually guaranteeing you get one is another. You can guarantee your new car purchase and avoid the disappointment that comes with trying to get a car by using the following methods.

Walk in with Half

When you cannot get financing to buy a house with zero down, what do you do? Offer ten to thirty percent. A similar ploy works with buying a car. Walk into the dealership with half the money in your pocket for a new car, and regardless of how bad your credit is, the dealership can hardly say no to that. You have the cash on hand; they have the means of financing the other half of your car for you. Do not stop at that usual ten percent downpayment stuff. Walk in with half the price of the car in your pocket, and drive home in your new car.

Trade-in with Value

Most cars lose their value the minute they drive off the lot. There are only a few cars in this world that do not lose their value quite so rapidly. If you or your significant other has such a car to trade, use it. A car with at least a couple thousand in fair market value left on it, with a roll of bills in your pocket, is definitely enough to guarantee you a new car.

Wait and Buy It Outright

Yes, it does take a lot of self-discipline, patience, and time to amass enough cash to buy a car outright. The fastest tracks to accomplishing this involve your tax refund and/or a small inheritance if you get them. However, the end result is a powerful one because you can walk into any dealership knowing that you can buy any of the new cars for sale and not be told that you cannot buy one. You will never be disappointed when you have all the money to buy a car and then bargain the price down to less than the amount you saved. There is no feeling like that on earth, and it is certainly one that is worth waiting for.

Keep these tips in mind next time you visit a dealership like Wills Toyota.