Know How to Spot Transmission Trouble

Transmission trouble in vehicles are fairly universal. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you are well aware of the major signs that tell you that your vehicle may be having transmission issues. This way, you may have a chance to get it to a transmission repair shop for correction before the problem gets any worse.

There Is A Noticeable Delay In Engaging In The Change Of Gears

If you are noticing that there is a delay between the changing of gears, then you will want to immediately set up an appointment with a transmission specialist. This may be an issue of a link out of commission and it could be an easy enough of a repair. However, if you ignore this problem, the issue could only get worse. It could continue to get worse until you are to the point of having to completely replace your transmission after having it towed to the shop because it is no longer able to be driven anywhere.

There Is A Transmission Fluid Leak

The leak may start as a very small one and one that you believe hardly puts the transmission at risk. Do not make the mistake of assuming that as long as you are checking the fluid level every so often and adding more as required that that is good enough. The fact is, any amount of fluid leaking from the transmission itself or the line from the reservoir to the transmission is a bad sign. The leak could become extreme in a matter of minutes and you could lose all of your transmission fluid without realizing it because you are in the middle of driving to work. Once the transmission begins to run without the proper amount of fluid, damage will be done to it. Once it is bone dry, the transmission can lock up and you will have no choice but to have a new one installed, which can be very expensive.

The Fluid Looks Strange When You Check It

It is important to make sure that you are periodically checking the level of the transmission fluid in your vehicle. If you find that it is extra thick or a different color than it usually is, you need to have it checked out by a certified transmission specialist. The sooner you have the issue addressed, which may involve flushing the transmission and replacing all of the fluid, the less likely it is that your transmission will have any long lasting problems from the bad fluid.

The more you keep an eye on your transmission, the easier it will be for you to make sure that small issues are corrected before they become major problems. Contact a service station for more information.